“Ecofeminists see the nature/culture dualism and the dominant male model of humanity as leading not only to oppression of women, but also to the destruction of nature and to racism and social inequality.”

-Val Plumwood, “Beyond the Dualistic Assumptions of Women, Men, Nature”

(Source: aidsnegligee)


"The enclosure of the world seems finally to be completed before our eyes with the globalization of the economy. In the wake of the establishment of intercontinental economic giants, a web of insignias like McDonald’s fills up the space and renders its contraction even more noticeable.
In contrast to the planet, however, the city tends to become boundless, blending into territory. It is no longer possible to contemplate it from the outside, except perhaps from strategic command centers where one might envisage its destruction by means of atomic bombs. The urban landscape is no longer framed. Here again, this absence of borders constitutes a rupture with the Western landscape tradition, which used to depend invariably on a pictorial framing. Subsequently, we understand better how photography or cinema interprets the contemporary urban landscape more readily than does an art such as painting. The framings that they propose have a greater capacity for instability, and this instability resonates well with that of a limitless landscape.”
— Antoine Picon ”Anxious Landscapes: From Ruin to Rust,” Grey Room No. 1, Fall 2000

John Chacon